Celebrate your special occasion at the historic and extraordinary “Pyrgos Ralli”. Nestled in the heart of a bay, overlooking the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo and offering breathtaking views of the Aegina sunset, this majestic 19th-century tower stands as a rare architectural gem. Surrounded by lush gardens, it provides a unique backdrop for your romantic wedding or event.

Let us assist you in planning a seamless wedding reception, event, or retreat that will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. If you seek a venue with authentic character unlike any other in Aegina, then “Pyrgos Ralli” is the ultimate choice.

Experience the charm of this historic villa, which commands the center of the bay and offers stunning vistas of the Aegina sunset and the ancient Temple of Apollo. With its grand 19th-century structure and verdant gardens, it sets the stage for a truly memorable occasion.

If you desire a truly distinctive venue with authentic character for your event in Aegina, then look no further than “Pyrgos Ralli”.